Friday, September 19, 2014

Black Is The New Black

Top// Top Shop LA
Skirt// LF Robertson
Shoes// Dolce Vita
Left Bracelet// LF Robertson
Right Bracelet// Lucky Brand
Hat// Janessa Leone 
Every season I hear that a new color is the new black, but I just want to know why can't black be the new black? Why are we trying to always replace black?! I feel like it's a universal color, I challenge you to name one person that black doesn't look amazing on! Anyways.... I'm sort of obsessed with this black skirt I bought at LF last summer, it looks like the Helmut Lang draped skirt ( but a version I can afford).

 My mom is in town visiting me for her birthday, and we went to the Penthouse at Mastros for her birthday dinner. It was one of those nights when everything in my closet seemed unacceptable and I had a pile of clothes growing alarmingly fast on bed. It became clear to me that it was going to be a black on black night.. because black on black never fails me. I was also thankful for the stretchy waist band of my skirt after having lobster mashed potatoes, crab stuffed mushrooms, steak, green beans, and three different desserts. Overall it was a successful evening!

I love this picture of my mom and I. Don't we look so much alike? We ordered a butter cake, and a chocolate pudding cake (like a flourless chocolate cake), and the restaurant was kind enough to give us a chocolate cake on the house in celebration of my beautiful mom.

What are your favorite colors for this fall season? Are you as obsessed with black as me? I'd love to know what you guys like!

-Xoxo Becca

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