Thursday, July 31, 2014

When your luggage gets lost....

Photo Credit//Stephanie Fantauzzi
Top//Alice & Olivia
Pants//Go Make Noise Floral Sweatpants
Necklace//Turkish Coin
Shoes//Steve Madden
Bracelets//Abercrombie and Fitch 
These Go Make Noise Floral Sweatpants are what happens when the airlines loose your luggage and you've worn the same Lauren Moshi sweat pants for three days in a row. In December I took a quick trip to Aspen with my mom where we strolled through the mountain side by horse and carriage drinking peppermint hot chocolate (delightful, right?), however when I flew back to my hometown with mom our luggage was lost for a week. Due to the fact that Christmas was looming around the corner I was forced to make a trip to Nordstrom where I acquired these pants that I'm fully convinced are appropriate to wear all year round (obviously if I'm wearing them in July). Sadly, I don't have a great story... or really any story about the rest of my outfit. 

These pictures were taken right before City Church at the Montage, something I look forward to every week. For those of you in LA who don't know about it but may be interested, there is a bible study or church (whatever you want to call it) held every Wednesday at 7 and 8:30. It takes place at the Montage Hotel on Cannon in Beverly Hills held by Pastor Judah Smith (think hipster). He flies down every week from his church and home in Seattle to inspire the community of Los Angeles and share God's love. It's a very chill and relaxed atmosphere and the coffee is pretty good too. If you're ever interested in attending and don't want to go alone, I'm always available!! 

P.S. I'm fully aware this post was basically a ramble. 

-Xoxo Becca 

Monday, July 28, 2014

In a Dark Dark House

Photo Credit// Stephanie Fantauzzi
Crop Top// LF Robertson
Pants// Halogen (bought at Nordstrom)
Shoes// Report Signature
Bracelet// Lucky Brand
Necklaces// LF Robertson
Sunday, I headed down to the Matrix Theater on Melrose to see the play In a Dark Dark House, which is directed by Larry Moss and written by Neil LaBute. I went to support my best friend's boyfriend Shaun Sipos who was one of the talented leads. If you are into very dark psychological thrillers I would highly recommend checking this out, it's a very powerful story. Knowing I was going to be watching a very dark story (and it happened to be a gloomy LA day) I decided that it was necessary to dress in dark colors. Pants were an absolute must, as I tend to get cold very easily, and these Halogen trousers are extremely comfy because of the elastic waistband. I opted for a lacy black crop top to balance out the shape of the pants. You could easily pair these pants with a tucked in white blouse and sheer black blazer and turn this into a work outfit.  The black Report Signature booties are so comfortable that I can easily walk around Melrose all day without complaining about being in pain. Off to bed and anticipating the beautiful week that is ahead of all of us. I know I'm already thinking about what I'm going to wear to the Hollywood Bowl Friday to see Hair (getting a bit cultured guys), and I can't wait to share it with you guys next week! 

-Xoxo Becca

Monday, July 14, 2014

Easy Breezy

Photo Credit// Mallory Thomasson
Mesh Overlay// Millau (bought at LF Robertson Blvd)
Romper// Bought at LF Robertson Blvd
Hat// D &Y (bought at LF Robertson Blvd)
Booties// Alice & Olivia Gerri Light Distressed Perforated Heel
Necklace// Gift
purse// Marc by Marc Jacobs 

This week is going to be a busy week full of volunteering at some wonderful organizations around the Los Angeles area, so I wanted to make sure I had a relaxing but fun Sunday. I started the day off with my version of working out( walking about 2 miles around my neighborhood at a slow pace) while listening to the same song on repeat. As a reward for my vigorous workout I decided to stroll around Larchmont Ave. and do a little window shopping. The mesh overlay shirt over the black lacy floral romper was great for walking around. It was a bit warm outside but the outfit was kind of easy breezy. I also knew that I was going to go out to dinner later that night and could pair the romper with a pair of Alice & Olivia black booties and dress it up a bit (at dinner I opted to take the mesh overlay off). 

Happy Monday!!!! Hope your week is full of beauty, love, and laughter. 

-Xoxo Becca 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fiesta Friday

Photo Credit// Mallory Thomasson
Dress// Bought at LF Robertson Blvd
Slip// Ascot & Heart Seamless Black Slip
Shoes// Jeffrey Campbell Black Everwell cut outs
Necklaces// Bought at LF Robertson
Bracelet// Lucky Brand
Hat// Janessa Leone Vera Hat (bought at LF Robertson Blvd)
After spending about an hour or so on my couch wearing a pair of yoga pants and nike shoes in hopes that this would inspire me to work out.... I realized that was clearly a joke (In reality I was just watching Melrose Place).  I decided to throw on some clothes and head to dinner at Pink Taco with my friend Mallory from Bad Wolf Brunch. I had about ten minutes to get ready, and found this LF dress from last summer and decided to wear it over my new black seamless Ascot & Heart black tank slip. These Jeffrey Campbell black Everwell cut out boots are an obsession of mine and often get the privilege to venture outside of my closet. I think the cut outs in the boot make them a great summer option. I'm also a big supporter of pendent necklaces, and this summer i've been all about the turquoise. This is the summer of hats for me, so I tend to wear them quite often despite hating them in May. 

I don't know about you, but I have big plans for this weekend. I'll be watching endless episodes of Melrose Place on Hulu probably in yoga pants. Then I'll read a summer romance novel I shamelessly bought in the young adult section at Barnes and Nobles while wondering at 25 why I'm not as cool as the teenagers I'm reading about (obviously listening to Taylor Swifts I'm feeling 22). And if I'm feeling reaalllyyy crazy I might just attempt to cook something from Pintrest...and then order takeout when that fails as per usual. Have a great weekend!!

-Xoxo Becca

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On Wednesday's we go to the beach

Photo Credit// Alissa Gotlieb
Top// Free People
Shorts// Carmar (bought at LF Robertson)
Shoes// MIA
Bralette// For Love and Lemons
Chain Belt// bought at LF Robertson
Necklace// Turkish Coin
Bracelet// Lucky Brand

What a better pick me up in the middle of the week then a trip to Malibu for lunch? I've lived in LA for about three years now and can only count on one hand the amount of trips I've taken to the beach. Clearly this must change. My friend and I had a yummy lunch at Glandstones before we walked down to the sand and took a little stroll.  

 I'm in love with these MIA gladiator sandals. Gladiators have come back in full force this summer, and to be honest I'm usually not a fan of this trend. However, I found this pair not to be as overwhelming and an overall good compromise on the trend. This Free People top is such a staple in my wardrobe and great for the beach because of how it flows in the wind. The Turkish Coin necklace was also a great add to an otherwise very simple comfy outfit. 

-Xoxo Becca

P.S. Do people really have beach bonfires? I'm having an OC flashback moment, and would love an invite to a bonfire if these things are real.