Monday, September 22, 2014

Biker Chic

Leather Vest// Aviatrix (bought at LF Robertson)
White Tank Top// Project Social T (bought at Urban Outfitters)
Black Jeans// Carmar Denim (LF Robertson)
Shoes// Steve Madden
Bag// Celine
Cross// Urban Outfitters
Gold Stamped Necklace// All The Wire Double Or Nothin'
Bracelets// Matocha RockLuxe Jewels
For my moms last night in LA we headed to Mercado for an early 5 o'clock dinner (I'm such an old person). I highly recommend the sweet corn and the hibiscus mezcal marg! After many days of not washing my hair I attempted to rock a top knot, which I haven't really done since I cut my hair a year ago. After 10 minutes and 15 bobby pins later I think it came out pretty good...but certainly not as time efficient as it was with long hair (and who knows what the back of it actually looked like). I've been living in this white tank top all weekend, I'm one of those people that owns 100 different plain white tops in every fit possible. I got this Aviatrix leather Vest at the LF Robertson summer sale for close to 70% off and i've been waiting for an opportunity to wear it! When my mom and I left my apartment she made a comment that I looked like a Biker Chick, and I couldn't help but agree...this is a very biker chic  outfit. I am so excited to style this vest in different ways this fall and winter, waiting for this vest to go on sale was well worth the wait.

Have a great Monday!!

-Xoxo Becca

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  1. I LOVE this look! So chic and cute! Plus, nice work on the top knot - I have yet to master it haha. Miss you!