Monday, August 18, 2014

Lahiana Arts and Food

Top// Millau (bought at LF Robertson)
Shorts// LF Robertson
Shoes// MIA
Bralette// LF Robertson
Bracelet// Lucky Brand 
One of my favorite things to do when I come to Maui is go to the art fair in Lahiana at the Banyon Tree. It's one of the best places to find great jewelry. I opted to wear a pair of colorful floral printed soft shorts. Soft shorts are probably one of my favorite go to summer pieces, because they are very flattering and keep cool. I'm also just gonna throw it out there that  my hair hasn't been washed in a while, and it was air maybe we can just ignore how it looks ( I mean.. really who does their hair on vacation?)?

cdso designs
cdso designs
These two pieces were a fun find made by Chad Durgan of CDSO designs. He hand makes all of his jewelry. I love the rustic look the bracelet has, and the necklace will be a great fall transition piece. 

Mastrich Metals
This might be my absolute favorite piece i've gotten so far on my trip. Devon Mastrich of Mastrich Metals told me that she had been saving this stone for 10 years before she was inspired to make it into a necklace. I wish this picture did it justice. The way the necklace shimmers in the sunlight is absolutely beautiful, I can understand why it was hard for the artist to let it go. 
Banyon Tree
Food, is the other thing that keeps me coming to Lahiana every year. Over the course of the day I enjoyed a wonderful iced coffee made with coffee ice cubes (genius), honeydew melon milk boba tea, and sandy beach gelato (peanut butter, graham cracker, and salted carmel). 

If you've been to Maui before I'd love to know what some of your must see places are! Stay tuned for my yacht and snorkeling excursion! 

-Xoxo Becca

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