Thursday, August 14, 2014

Airport Casual And The Joys of Packing

Top// LF Robertson
Pants// LF Robertson
Jacket// Blank NYC (bought at Nordstroms)
Shoes// Steve Madden

I always find myself contemplating for days what to wear on the airplane when I'm going on a trip. The lazy side of me would love to wear a pair of yoga pants and relishes in the memories of that time when wearing Juicy Couture track suits while traveling was a thing. The key is to find an outfit that feels like pajamas...but is not pajamas. As we all know airplanes are ALWAYS freezing (or at least for me), so I have to consider this when getting dressed. The pants that I am wearing in this picture might as well be pajama pants because that is how comfortable they are. I've been in search of a denim jacket with leather sleeves with the right baggy fit and wash for years, so when I found this Blank NYC jacket at Nordstrom's the other day in the Savy Section I knew I had to buy it (the hood made it possible for me to take a nice comfy nap on the flight). 

Packing is just as much of a struggle for me as trying to figure out what to wear to the airport. Typically, I pack like a 5 year old who is pretty sure they are never coming back home (so I clearly bring everything I own). I typically go through my entire closet and throw everything I want to bring onto the floor and roll it up into balls and throw it in my suit case. It's pretty much a disaster.  Everything is wrinkled upon arrival andI can't find anything. I've also brought so much that I don't have enough hangers or space in the hotel room to hang everything up. This year I attempted to be orderly, pack less, and fold my clothes. As you can see above this was relatively successful, until 20 minutes before my mom and I were supposed to leave for the airport my whole suitcase broke.... Everything was then thrown (literally) into a duffel bag. This was a wonderful omen for what was to come the rest of the day. I lost my drivers license in the airport and had to trace back my steps until I found it. I then lost my phone later that day (found it), lost my credit card (didn't find), and my favorite restaurant on the island stopped serving my favorite meal. 

When your in paradise though nothing seems to matter! This island has such a special place in my heart. I have been coming here for the last 12 years and have shared so many beautiful memories with my mom, dad, and friends. I wish my dad could be here to share in this summers experiences, but I know he is smiling down at me and my mom from heaven enjoying watching us have an amazing time.  

Have you guys been to Maui? What are some of your must sees and favorite places on the island?! I'd love to know. Follow me daily for my outfits, adventures, and finds here in Maui. 

- Xoxo Becca 

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