Monday, January 5, 2015

The Unpacking Game

Mesh Top// LF Robertson Blvd
Bralette// Victoria's Secret Pink
Skirt// Windsor Navy Plaid Sweater Skirt c/o
Shoes// The Blonde Salad X Steve Madden ( on sale from $149.50 to $44.98!)
Coin Purse// LF Robertson

 Why do you always need a vacation after you go on a vacation?! Whenever I come back from a trip whether it's someplace like Hawaii or London (this time Quebec City) I need multiple days to learn to function like a real human being again. One of the most dreaded things about returning from a vacation is the process of unpacking. I put it off for dayyyssss, and the longer I put it off the worse I feel and the more anxiety I get. So lately when I unpack I tend to place dress up. I try to figure out new ways to wear things in my suitcase with things I didn't bring along with me. It clearly does not shorten the unpacking process, and often causes my room to become a disaster for a few hours, but it does make the process a little more bearable and I come out of it with some great new looks! While I started this trips unpacking process I took my Blonde Salad X Steve Madden shoes out of my suitcase (why I thought they would be appropriate for 0 degree weather is beyond me) and realized that I have never actually worn these shoes...and I bought them last year. I decided that I absolutely needed to find a cute outfit to wear them with! My goal was also to make sure the outfit was appropriate daytime wear, because I tend to become a homebody at night and don't go out that often. I paired the shoes first with my cozy Navy Plaid Sweater Skirt from Windsor  , and  began trying to straighten up a mess in one of my closets which led me to the white mesh top I picked out. I love this outfit because it's easy and comfortable but left me not looking like a homeless person. You could easily wear this out on a lunch date, a coffee meeting, or even a shopping trip. I could also see myself swapping out the white mesh top for a cute leather crop top and wearing this out on a Friday night.

I'm trying to come up with some new post ideas for the new year, is there anything you guys would love to see?! You can comment below, email me, or find me on instagram @leather.lace.andcupcakes and send me a message.

-Xoxo Becca

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