Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Life In Yoga Pants

Photo Credit// Stephanie Fantasize
Top// Lorna Jane 
Yoga Pants//Lululemon
Yoga pants are plentiful in my closet, and make me smile almost as much as cupcakes. While I clearly LOVE clothing, I almost never want to get dressed. I am an extremely lazy human being, I usually consider myself a lazy overachiever. I do just enough in life to be considered an over achiever...but really not a thing more. I love to sleep, I love to lay on my couch with my purple fuzzy Z Gallerie blanket, and I love to drink tea... those activities literally equal a perfect day in my mind (and i'll do this all while wearing yoga pants). I'm not the kind of girl that will do my hair and makeup and get all dressed up to make a trip to whole foods, go to a study group, or even to a movie.

Each time I buy a new pair of yoga pants, a sports bra, or a top I usually call my mom up on the phone as i'm walking out of the store with a renewed sense of excitement and commitment to my physical well-being. I just know as I'm handing over my credit card that I'll start making daily trips to Equinox and weekly trips to Runyon, I'll ask for a fitbit for my birthday and start keeping track of how many steps I take everyday. About an hour into wearing my new purchase...I know that none of that will happen. If you live in the LA area and you wanna drag me out to Runyon or a yoga class let me know! I've been walking a few miles a few days a I'm starting to get there! I know i'm not going to have a fast metabolism forever. 

I became oddly obsessed with this bird while I was taking pictures and took like 50 of him

After I spent all day Saturday with Mallory from BadWolf Brunch I had a dinner date with my bestie Stephanie and a girlie sleepover at my apartment. We figured the only way to spend our Sunday was to head down to Malibu, grab a quick lunch at the Malibu Kitchen (their carmel apple bar is LITERALLY everything, I kid you not) and head to Zuma beach to take pictures and walk around. Obviously one of the best parts about being besties is sharing clothes and not caring what we look like around each other! So we decided it was a yoga pants kinda day, which worked out perfectly for me because i'd been wanting to do a post about this. She happened to not bring any clothes with her so I dressed her in a few of my favorites! 
Photo Credit//Me!
Yoga Pants// Lululemon
Sports Bra// Lululemon

Here are some of my favorite looks you can shop! 

Yoga Pants

  Sports Bras

Tank Tops

But really guys if you live in the LA area and you wanna take a yoga class with me or go to Runyon let me know!

-Xoxo Becca 

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  1. I have never worn anything more comfortable than yoga clothing so I want to admit it here that I love to use it in my regular routine too. Just a week ago I got workout tights. I am using them with different tank tops as they always look wonderful on anything.