Friday, January 23, 2015


This post is a little different then my typical style posts.... because well I'm not in any of the pictures and it's not focused on fashion at all! I often feel like i'm missing one key thing that every other style blogger seems to have mastered, a handy dandy photographer. I don't have a boyfriend, husband, or friend who is a free lance photographer that can trot around the  globe with me taking pictures of me while I compensate them with brownies and cupcakes. I also haven't mastered (or remotely figured out) how to take my own style pictures using my camera or phone on a timer. As a result, I don't blog nearly as much as I'd like too. I also feel like I have so many other things besides fashion that i'd love to talk about and share that don't seem to blend in so well with my style posts. 

One of my absolute favorite things to do is go out to eat! Food makes me happy. It also gives me an excuse to get out of my yoga pants and into something cute, and it's a great way to socialize because we all need to eat at some point (I also don't really know how to cook...though i'm working on it). So I might start reviewing new places I try, especially dessert and coffee spots! Is that something you guys would be interested in?

I'm also really interested in topics of mental health and well being, so I'd love to talk about self-care, mental health issues, relationships, and if you guys want to email me questions or ask advice I could answer those questions weekly. 

I want Leather.Lace.&Cupcakes to be a platform I can consistently write on, be inspired by, and challenged by. I envision it slowly (very) turning into a lifestyle blog versus a purely personal style blog. We will see though! I just wanted to bring it up since it's been on my mind, and see what you guys think! Don't be shy I really want to know. You don't have to comment below, you can email me if you'd like instead! I would also love to meet some fellow bloggers in the area, so if you live in Los Angeles or near by and you'd love to grab brunch, lunch, coffee, or shop and take pictures also let me know that!

The last few days i've been taking early morning drives to Malibu to walk around on the beach and drink my coffee. I find driving to be extremely cathartic ( I don't even mind traffic, call me crazy) and the best place for me to gather my thoughts and make sense of what's going on in my life and the world. Every time I take the drive to Malibu I am suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude. In the midst of stress and chaos, school problems, job struggles, relationship issues, it's sooo easy to forget all of the wonderful things we DO have going for us. I absolutely was struggling with that issue earlier in the week, but now find myself smiling because I have sooo much to be thankful for! God has a wonderful plan for me, I don't have to worry about that at all, what I need to do is work on trusting in that. I can absolutely say that is plan is not always my plan, but it will always be better then my plan! 

Here are some of the pictures I took on my walks! 

-Xoxo Becca

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