Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Necessities

Photo Credit// Stephanie Fantauzzi
Jacket// LF Robertson
Top// Free People
Pants// One Teaspoon
Booties// Coconut by Matisse Footwear
Bag// Celine
Hat// Jenessa Leone (bought at LF Robertson)

It's October!!!!!!!!! That means pumpkin spice everything, leggings, plaid, and all of my other fall favorites (even if the weather in LA is not currently permitting it). Some of my favorite blog posts to read are bloggers current favorites or must haves for the month. I thought i'd give it ago, despite the fact that I literally have no idea how everyone seems to make collages of this stuff. 

1. Leather Leggings 

I mean.... leggings are most absolutely pants in my mind. You will absolutely see me in leather leggings this fall. I'm a big fan of the leather and plaid combo. 

2. Graphic T's 

My favorite thing about graphic t's are there versatility. You can pair it with a pair of leather leggings, boyfriend jeans, or yoga pants and get three completely different looks from the same shirt. I tend to gravitate towards the t's that have more of a boyfriend fit, or fall off of the shoulder. 

3. Plaid Plaid Plaid 

As you know from my very first blog post, my love of plaid goes back to my love of Full House and Stephanie Tanner. I will take my plaid in any shape or form. 

4. Lounge Wear

This month is crunch time for me as I work on applications for grad school! Naturally I plan on being as comfortable as possible as I fill out application after application and write essay after essay. 

5. Booties

I'm that girl that wears booties all year round. There is no outfit in my mind that you can't wear booties with if you so desire.  These are just a few pairs i'm currently coveting. 

If you guys would like to see more of this type of post i'd love to know and I'll work on making it more visually presentable! Also if you ever have any questions about outfits or styling or just wanna throw some ideas out about posts i'd love to hear from you via email or on the comment section! 

-Xoxo Becca 


  1. That bag is gorgeous! Love the outfit!
    xo, Kyla

  2. Love your hat! I need more graphix tees in my life. And plaid :)