Friday, June 20, 2014

Stephanie Tanner Inspired...

Other then leather and lace, I can't get enough of plaid. Red plaid, green plaid, blue plaid....they all bring a smile to my face. If I can mix leather, lace, and plaid thats basically a dream guys.
Bralette//Victoria Secret
Shoes//Jeffery Campbell
Necklace//was a gift 
Photo credit: Stephanie Fantauzzi

This outfit provided the perfect combination of leather, lace, and plaid for a warm sunny day in LA. I'm not gonna lie but I'm pretty sure my obsession with plaid comes from Stephanie Tanner in the show Full House (more then an obsession, go ahead ask me anything about Full can't stump me!). 

One of my favorite Stephanie Tanner looks. 

To top off this grungey 90's inspired look, I wanted to give my hair a bit of texture and bend to it. I used Oribe Dry Texture Spray to mess it up a bit and a 1inch curling wand to give it some bend. You could also use some sort of sea salt spray like Unite Beach Day Spray to help with the beachy messy waves. 

Anyways as you can probably tell by now, this blog is just me rambling about my personal style and maybe life in general. Going to Palm Springs this weekend for a wonderful girls getaway with the bestie, and will be working on becoming a less ghostly human being(while wearing copious amounts of spf 70). Can't wait to take pictures and share with you guys!


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