Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Home Again

Sweater// LF Robertson Blvd
Jeans// Carmar Denim 
Sneakers// Superga
I'm probably the worst blogger ever. I have been so MIA since I moved to SF. I literally never leave my apartment though unless it's to go to class, or the grocery stores that is in front of my apartment building. But........ I'm done with finals now!! Which means I have a life, and I can wear real clothing again and eat avacado toast and do all the stereotypical bloggery things for an entire month. Obviously, I plan on taking full advantage of it. I am currently getting my LA fix and then Im jetting off to NY to visit my bestie. Plan on seeing lots of pictures, and a lot of new outfits. Im also really excited to finally just explore the new city that I am living in. It is the most bizarre feeling to have lived in a city for about a few months and not know a thing about it, so that clearly needs to change. If you live in SF or have spent time there and you have suggestions for me let me know! Or if you live in NY and you have any great food or cupcake suggests PLEASE let me know!! Hope all of you had a lovely thanksgiving. 

-- Xoxo Becca 

Monday, October 12, 2015

New Life New Adventures

Photography Credit// Grace of Schmatta Style
Romper// Ecote purchased at Urban Outfitters
Cardigan// LF Robertson Blvd (similar here)
Booties// Sam Edelman
Necklace// Free People
Bralette// Free People
Ring// Free People
Hi!!!! It's Fall!!!! Yay!!!! So as you guys probably know or knew at one point before I dropped off the face of the earth, I moved to San Francisco for  PhD program. PhD programs are no joke, guys. I'm in class about 20 hours a week, I spend about 10 hours a week driving to and from class, and then I have to study. It doesn't leave me much time to look cute and do bloggery things like have brunch with people. However, this weekend I forced myself out of the apartment (which is almost fully decorated, pictures to come), and went to breakfast at the Nob Hill Grille with my new blogger friend Grace of Shmatta Style. Breakfast was pretty amazing; I've been advised if I come back its necessary to get there by 9 or you'll be waiting all day. It's an adorable little establishment, with very very large mimosas and something called bacon fritters...which I was obviously silly not to get. It was really nice to feel like a human being again in real clothes and breathe fresh air.

Are you guys loving fall?! Are you consumed with all things pumpkin? Are you loving any of the new Fall trends?! I want to know everything, while I'm in this program I am living life vicariously through all of you.

- Xoxo Becca

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back To School

Jessa Body Suit// Reformation
Denim// AG " The Legging" Ankle Jeans
Shoes// Jeffrey Campbell Rodillo-Hi Wedge Sandal
Backpack// Harper Avenue Fall! Philip (similar bags by them can be found at Nordstrom)'s basically been forever and a day since i've written a blog post. In the last 6 or 7 weeks I have traveled on average twice a week, and i'm not gonna lie it's been a bit exhausting. I'm in Arizona right now for one of my very best friends wedding, and when I leave I head back to my new home SF and I start an entire new chapter of my life! I literally can't believe that this time next week i'll be in a PhD program, something i've been working towards for so long. 

Naturally when I think about my first day of school I automatically start planning out my outfit. You always want to look your best on the first day, but I also always want to be ultra comfy when i'm in school (and I want to prepare for how cold the classrooms ALWAYS seem to be). I'm kind of obsessed with this Reformation body suit, and I've been pairing it with everything from a leather skirt, cut off shorts, and jeans. It just tends to make everything look a bit more chic but it's also so comfortable and easy to wear. My mom picked out this pair of AG "the legging" ankle jeans on a mother daughter shopping trip to Nordstrom this week and I just fell in love with pairing it with a body suit. I like the idea of wearing this to class because I can throw on a leather jacket with it in the classroom to keep warm or a cozy cardigan, and when I get out of class I can take it off and i'm ready to go out for drinks! 

I have to be real though, what's even more important for me then my outfit when I think about school is the bag I am going to cary. I used to be a tote bag carrying girl, but found that by the end of the day my shoulder always was kililng me, and it was only a matter of weeks before the bag broke! When I took a few classes at USC two years ago a good friend introduced me to this brand Harper Ave  and I immediately fell in love with how stylish and practical they seemed to be. My first bag from this brand was A Minjun and I have literally used that bag to DEATH. I use it for travel, school, overnight trips, literally everything! I knew that when I started my PhD program it was time to make another investment and purchase a black one and I couldn't be happier with it. 

What are some of your back to school must haves?! I have a feeling I may be splurging a bit tonight on Ban.Do for some cute pens and a planner! 

-- Xoxo Becca 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

New York & San Francisco Recap

Photo Credit// Gina Tomassone
Top// Emma & Sam (similar here)
Overalls// Carmar Denim (similar here)
Shoes// Jeffrey Campbell
I've done a lot of traveling over the last 5 or 6 months, almost 2 trips a month! So far in June i've been to New York and San Francisco. New York was such an amazing experience, it was my first trip back to the city since high school, and while I loved the city then I absolutely appreciate it a lot more with age. I was also lucky enough to be there during #nationaldonutday (anyone else feel like these days only exist for hashtags?!), and I went to Dough Donuts and had the most amazing hibiscus and cafe au lait donut! It was absolutely worth every minute standing in line.

Left Donut//Hibiscus
Right Donut// Cafe au Lait
I also loved strolling through Washington Square park- laying down on the grass, watching street performers, people watching, and strolling around the dog parks. One thing I am looking forward to doing when I move to San Francisco is enjoying the park life! It takes me back to my summers in London hanging out at Hyde Park and having picnics and reading.

Hat//Madewell (similar here)
Top// Show Me Your Mumu
Shorts//One Teaspoon Bandit Shorts
Shoes//Sam Edelman
Bag//TopShop (similar here)
I also had a brief Sex and The City moment and got to hang out at the Soho House, and couldn't help but look around hoping Samantha would be soaking up some rays at the pool. 
Hat// Madewell
Sweater// LF (from a few years ago)
Skirt//Top Shop
Shoes// Sam Edelman
Bag// Top Shop
Fun Fact, I wore the same pair of shoes with almost every single outfit in New York. I think these Sam Edelman shoes from last Summer are literally magical. 

That awkward moment when a stranger photobombs you awkwardly trying to take pictures for your blog

My ultimate goal for my New York trip was to visit the Momofuku Milk Bar, and it was a success. I had the cereal flavored frozen yogurt and the birthday cake truffles. It's a struggle for me to not go online and order those cake truffles everyday! 

Photo Credit//Stephanie Fantasize
Shorts//One Teaspoon Bandit
I don't really have any pictures to share from San Francisco, other then the very first picture in this post. I spent most of my time checking out the different neighborhoods and viewing some apartments. While I didn't expect to find or lease an apartment on the trip, I did! My lease starts in the middle of July, but I think I'll be slowly taking my time to move in because my lease doesn't end till a bit later in LA. I did get to check out Mr. Holmes bakery in the city though and it was pretty amazing, though I was sad I didn't arrive in time for the cromuffin (goals!). 

Hope everyone is having an amazing start to their summer so far! 

-Xoxo Becca 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

California Dreaming

Guys it's officially summer and I am loving it. I'm trying to soak up every last minute of the warm weather, before I make my move to San Francisco where summers don't seem to exist! I feel like a lot of the trends this summer have this kind of California Dreaming flair to them- flared jeans, platform sandals, patterned dresses and soft pants. I just want to cruise down Sunset blvd with my sunroof down and listen to the Beach Boys. 

I'm not sure how you guys feel, but I'm beyond excited that platform sandals are making a comeback. I very vividly remember my first pair of platform shoes when I was in 3rd grade. They were a white pair of Sketcher platform sneakers and I thought they kicked up my school uniform a notch, my first pair of platform sandals came a little later. I begged my mom for months convincing her they were a perfectly acceptable and practical shoe for a 10 year old. I bought them at a local department store called Mervins... I think they were some brand called Soda? I'm not sure, but they were this like shiny metallic color and I wore them for my first day of public school in 5th grade with a pair of jean capri pants with the little slits on the sides and a white tshirt and butter fly clips... obviously I was on top of the trends back then. I am 100% positive I thought you could not get cooler then that outfit. It's only a matter of time before the butter fly clips make a comeback...and I'm not sure I'll be ready this time! 

Photo Credit// Gina Tomassone
Hat// Similar One Here 
Dress// LF Robertson Blvd
Shoes// Free Bird X Steven 

Feeling inspired by my new Free Bird x Steven shoes I put together two different ways to wear them with some fun flirty patterned dresses.

Photo Credit// Gina Tomassone
Dress// LF Robertson Blvd (similar here)
Shoes// Same as above. 
I put together a few patterened dresses and platform sandals that are currently catching my eyes for you guys to shop!



P.S. If you guys have any great tips for my move to San Francisco, let me know!! 

- xoxo Becca 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Crisp White Jeans

Photo Credit// Julia Hodges
Top// Ecote Embroidered Border Apron Tank Top from Urban Outfitters
Jeans// Top Shop MOTO White Busted Jamie Jeans 
Shoes// Sam Edelman
Purse// Top Shop
Necklace// Madewell Floating Arrow Necklace
There is something so wonderful and exciting about the first time you slip on a new pair of white crisp jeans (added bonus if they are ripped). It feels like anything at all can happen that day! You're excited about what the day might bring in your wonderful new jeans, but also terrified that any wrong move will ruin your chance of ever wearing them again. White jeans are something I seem to have to buy a new pair of every year, because I ALWAYS ruin them.... yet I still love them so much! Proud to say, I survived an entire day of brunching in LA without staining them. 

As I prepare to move to San Francisco this summer (date TBD), I find myself trying to fit in brunch dates and play dates with all of my friends, and going through a running checklist of all of the things I still need to do/see before I leave! If you have any suggestions of things I must see/eat/do before I leave let me know!! Saturday I started off my Memorial Day Weekend (probably the last exciting thing i'll do this weekend), by brunching with my good friend Julia. We started our day by having some mimosas at my apartment watching Empire, one of my absolute favorite shows on tv right now. Cookie has to be one of the best female leads on tv. After this we galavanted off to 901too to get our hair blow dried together, and then off we went to AOC for some cocktails, cheese, and blueberry bread with lemon butter, and bacon wrapped dates. We originally wanted to go to Taco Modera after for a churro ice cream sandwich, but they wouldn't be open for another few hours, so we pranced over to Gracias Madre, a current LA hotspot known for its vegan mexican food and snowcone cocktails. I tried the Dude Abides with horchata and mescal and it was pretty epic. We sat at the bar and became best friends with Victor the bartender as we sipped on our handcrafted cocktails and munched on some guac and chips. I finished the day by laying in bed and beginning the 3rd season of Breaking Bad....I know I know I'm a little behind. 

Anywho.. I hope all of you beauties have a wonderful day! I'm going to sit back, sip on some tea, and continue to watch Breaking Bad. Let me guys know if you have any LA must see spots to eat or hang out before I move! 

-Xoxo Becca 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cupcakes & Pajamas

Photo Credit// Miranda Ward
Pajama Set// Southward Apparel c/o (not available yet, but similar sets here) 
I typically just wear random things to bed like an old tshirt or one of the many pairs of Christmas pajamas my mom has bought me over the course of my life, but it's rare that I wear a cute matching set. So I was naturally thrilled when I got my pink cupcake set from Southward Apparel. This set makes me feel like I need to host a sleepover at my apartment with cupcakes, champagne, pillow fights, and obviously my best friend netflix. I put together an array of some of my favorite sets I found online. Enjoy!

- Xoxo Becca