Monday, November 10, 2014

November Necessities:It's all about the Accessories

November means it's holiday season! I start dreaming about pumpkin pie, black friday, sugar cookie tea  (yes this is a real thing, and it's magical), what it's like to live in a city where leaves turn colors, and how every pair of tights I own from last year seems to have a run in them. This month for my necessities section i'm focusing on some of my faves/crave accessories and shoes. 


As you can tell from my blog and Insta feed if you've been following, i'm maybe a bit obsessed with hats. To be honest this obsession is very recent. Before I cut my hair a year ago, I never ever wore hats. With my shorter textured hair, hats have a whole new feel on me, and they really complete an outfit! They also honestly make me feel more comfortable when I take pictures for the blog and instagram. Here are some hats currently on my wish list. 


I have ALWAYS been a lover of tights and socks. When I was five my mom used to dress me in mis matched lacy and slouchy socks, in high school I wore knee socks everyday with my school uniform and doc martins, and now I see them as the perfect way to keep wearing that skirt or dress all year round. I love to layer socks over tights and each other and use them to add a pop of color or texture to an outfit. These are some of favorites that I find to be a must for my closet.

Over the Knee Boots/Sneakers

Every season I am on the constant look out for the perfect over the knee boot! I have absolutely been in love with them for the last few seasons, but find it a struggle to find ones that stay up on me all day long and don't start slouching. I think it may be time to invest in a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots, from what I hear they are perfection. I've also been starting to build a bit of a sneaker collection! I find that one of my favorite ways to wear them is with a simple leather skirt, sweatshirt, or tshirt. 


I really own a handful of bags and purses. I tend to just use the same ones over and over. I like to keep a big tote bag, small cross body bag, and a backpack or two. I also tend to stick with neutrals and blacks. In the last few months I've started to covet more and more purses, maybe i'll add some of these to my Christmas list! 

I know I haven't been keeping up with the blog in the last month, but when my applications are completed and submitted for grad school December 1st, I promise i'll get better! 

I have decided that I would like to a weekly street style section. I'd like to roam around town and take pictures and interview people who inspire my style, feature people from Instagram, and who send in email submissions! If you'd like to be featured send me an email ( with a picture of you in an outfit that makes you feel wonderful and confident, your name, occupation, and your current style must haves and must nots! Or you can tag me on instagram or #llcstreetstyle and every Wednesday i'll do a feature on my blog and Instagram. You guys can let me know if you love it and want me to keep it up, or I should ditch it. 

-Xoxo Becca 

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