Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back To School

Jessa Body Suit// Reformation
Denim// AG " The Legging" Ankle Jeans
Shoes// Jeffrey Campbell Rodillo-Hi Wedge Sandal
Backpack// Harper Avenue Fall! Philip (similar bags by them can be found at Nordstrom)'s basically been forever and a day since i've written a blog post. In the last 6 or 7 weeks I have traveled on average twice a week, and i'm not gonna lie it's been a bit exhausting. I'm in Arizona right now for one of my very best friends wedding, and when I leave I head back to my new home SF and I start an entire new chapter of my life! I literally can't believe that this time next week i'll be in a PhD program, something i've been working towards for so long. 

Naturally when I think about my first day of school I automatically start planning out my outfit. You always want to look your best on the first day, but I also always want to be ultra comfy when i'm in school (and I want to prepare for how cold the classrooms ALWAYS seem to be). I'm kind of obsessed with this Reformation body suit, and I've been pairing it with everything from a leather skirt, cut off shorts, and jeans. It just tends to make everything look a bit more chic but it's also so comfortable and easy to wear. My mom picked out this pair of AG "the legging" ankle jeans on a mother daughter shopping trip to Nordstrom this week and I just fell in love with pairing it with a body suit. I like the idea of wearing this to class because I can throw on a leather jacket with it in the classroom to keep warm or a cozy cardigan, and when I get out of class I can take it off and i'm ready to go out for drinks! 

I have to be real though, what's even more important for me then my outfit when I think about school is the bag I am going to cary. I used to be a tote bag carrying girl, but found that by the end of the day my shoulder always was kililng me, and it was only a matter of weeks before the bag broke! When I took a few classes at USC two years ago a good friend introduced me to this brand Harper Ave  and I immediately fell in love with how stylish and practical they seemed to be. My first bag from this brand was A Minjun and I have literally used that bag to DEATH. I use it for travel, school, overnight trips, literally everything! I knew that when I started my PhD program it was time to make another investment and purchase a black one and I couldn't be happier with it. 

What are some of your back to school must haves?! I have a feeling I may be splurging a bit tonight on Ban.Do for some cute pens and a planner! 

-- Xoxo Becca 


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