Wednesday, June 17, 2015

California Dreaming

Guys it's officially summer and I am loving it. I'm trying to soak up every last minute of the warm weather, before I make my move to San Francisco where summers don't seem to exist! I feel like a lot of the trends this summer have this kind of California Dreaming flair to them- flared jeans, platform sandals, patterned dresses and soft pants. I just want to cruise down Sunset blvd with my sunroof down and listen to the Beach Boys. 

I'm not sure how you guys feel, but I'm beyond excited that platform sandals are making a comeback. I very vividly remember my first pair of platform shoes when I was in 3rd grade. They were a white pair of Sketcher platform sneakers and I thought they kicked up my school uniform a notch, my first pair of platform sandals came a little later. I begged my mom for months convincing her they were a perfectly acceptable and practical shoe for a 10 year old. I bought them at a local department store called Mervins... I think they were some brand called Soda? I'm not sure, but they were this like shiny metallic color and I wore them for my first day of public school in 5th grade with a pair of jean capri pants with the little slits on the sides and a white tshirt and butter fly clips... obviously I was on top of the trends back then. I am 100% positive I thought you could not get cooler then that outfit. It's only a matter of time before the butter fly clips make a comeback...and I'm not sure I'll be ready this time! 

Photo Credit// Gina Tomassone
Hat// Similar One Here 
Dress// LF Robertson Blvd
Shoes// Free Bird X Steven 

Feeling inspired by my new Free Bird x Steven shoes I put together two different ways to wear them with some fun flirty patterned dresses.

Photo Credit// Gina Tomassone
Dress// LF Robertson Blvd (similar here)
Shoes// Same as above. 
I put together a few patterened dresses and platform sandals that are currently catching my eyes for you guys to shop!



P.S. If you guys have any great tips for my move to San Francisco, let me know!! 

- xoxo Becca 

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