Sunday, May 24, 2015

Crisp White Jeans

Photo Credit// Julia Hodges
Top// Ecote Embroidered Border Apron Tank Top from Urban Outfitters
Jeans// Top Shop MOTO White Busted Jamie Jeans 
Shoes// Sam Edelman
Purse// Top Shop
Necklace// Madewell Floating Arrow Necklace
There is something so wonderful and exciting about the first time you slip on a new pair of white crisp jeans (added bonus if they are ripped). It feels like anything at all can happen that day! You're excited about what the day might bring in your wonderful new jeans, but also terrified that any wrong move will ruin your chance of ever wearing them again. White jeans are something I seem to have to buy a new pair of every year, because I ALWAYS ruin them.... yet I still love them so much! Proud to say, I survived an entire day of brunching in LA without staining them. 

As I prepare to move to San Francisco this summer (date TBD), I find myself trying to fit in brunch dates and play dates with all of my friends, and going through a running checklist of all of the things I still need to do/see before I leave! If you have any suggestions of things I must see/eat/do before I leave let me know!! Saturday I started off my Memorial Day Weekend (probably the last exciting thing i'll do this weekend), by brunching with my good friend Julia. We started our day by having some mimosas at my apartment watching Empire, one of my absolute favorite shows on tv right now. Cookie has to be one of the best female leads on tv. After this we galavanted off to 901too to get our hair blow dried together, and then off we went to AOC for some cocktails, cheese, and blueberry bread with lemon butter, and bacon wrapped dates. We originally wanted to go to Taco Modera after for a churro ice cream sandwich, but they wouldn't be open for another few hours, so we pranced over to Gracias Madre, a current LA hotspot known for its vegan mexican food and snowcone cocktails. I tried the Dude Abides with horchata and mescal and it was pretty epic. We sat at the bar and became best friends with Victor the bartender as we sipped on our handcrafted cocktails and munched on some guac and chips. I finished the day by laying in bed and beginning the 3rd season of Breaking Bad....I know I know I'm a little behind. 

Anywho.. I hope all of you beauties have a wonderful day! I'm going to sit back, sip on some tea, and continue to watch Breaking Bad. Let me guys know if you have any LA must see spots to eat or hang out before I move! 

-Xoxo Becca 

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