Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Home Again

Sweater// LF Robertson Blvd
Jeans// Carmar Denim 
Sneakers// Superga
I'm probably the worst blogger ever. I have been so MIA since I moved to SF. I literally never leave my apartment though unless it's to go to class, or the grocery stores that is in front of my apartment building. But........ I'm done with finals now!! Which means I have a life, and I can wear real clothing again and eat avacado toast and do all the stereotypical bloggery things for an entire month. Obviously, I plan on taking full advantage of it. I am currently getting my LA fix and then Im jetting off to NY to visit my bestie. Plan on seeing lots of pictures, and a lot of new outfits. Im also really excited to finally just explore the new city that I am living in. It is the most bizarre feeling to have lived in a city for about a few months and not know a thing about it, so that clearly needs to change. If you live in SF or have spent time there and you have suggestions for me let me know! Or if you live in NY and you have any great food or cupcake suggests PLEASE let me know!! Hope all of you had a lovely thanksgiving. 

-- Xoxo Becca 

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